Hebrew Grammar Resources

If you think Hebrew grammar (or maybe ALL grammar) is boring, think again!

Grammar is an important part of learning just about any language, and that is especially true for Hebrew.

The Hebrew word for grammar is דִּקְדּוּק, which means to be precise, but Hebrew grammar is much more than understanding the fine points of the language.

It is, in fact, a very powerful tool that can help you understand and even speak (!) thousands of words that you have never even heard before.

With that in mind, here are some helpful resources for learning Hebrew grammar:

Why You NEED to Learn Hebrew -- NOW!
Hebrew grammar won't be boring any more once you learn how important this tool is to learning Hebrew much faster!

Hebrew Grammar - The most important Hebrew Grammar Lesson
Learn the one single Hebrew grammar lesson that will help you in just about every single sentence in the Hebrew language -- often more than once!

Amazingly Simple and Useful Tricks for Speaking Hebrew
Too embarassed to speak Hebrew? Don't be! Here are 4 simple tricks that can make you more comfortable AND much more effective when speaking the language.

Hebrew Verbs
An excelent site for learning Hebrew verbs, with full conjugations (including audio) for hundreds of Hebrew verbs.

Great Tips for Understanding the “Kamatz Katan”
Did you know that sometimes the Hebrew vowel "kamatz" is pronounced "ah" and sometimes it is pronounced "oh"? If not, don't worry, it is a bit of an advanced concept. But this page will give you some how to handle this issue, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced Hebrew student.

Learn Hebrew with the "Dream Team"
Online Hebrew classes that can help you learn Hebrew grammar and vocabulary faster than ever before!