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Hebrew Software

Hebrew Dictionaries

The Jerusalem Dictionary

Jerusalem Dictionary (software)

A powerful Hebrew-English/English-Hebrew dictionary and thesaurus.


  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Verb tables
  • Phrases and expressions
  • Spell-checks too!
  • For Windows 95 and higher.

WordPoint Interactive Dictionary

WordPoint Interactive Dictionary (software)

Easy to use interactive dictionary - software that translates between English/Hebrew and Hebrew/English from any Windows application.


  • Translates any word in 18 languages
  • Simple to use user interface
  • Small balloon pops up containing the translation
  • Easy to move from language to language
  • Translates words from any windows application
  • For Windows 95 and higher.

Word by Word Bible Dictionary & Concordance

Word by Word Bible Dictionary & Concordance (software)

Highly effective English-Hebrew Bible Dictionary


  • Translates a Hebrew or English Bible word
  • Includes Concordance
  • lists synonyms in both Hebrew and English
  • Searches can be exported to HTML
  • For Windows 2000/XP.

Hebrew Translators

Dagesh Translator Professional

Dagesh Translator Professional (software)

All inclusive document translator - translates any document from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew.


  • Handles all types of documents
  • Works with most premium wordprocessors
  • 500,000 word Hebrew English Dictionary
  • Hebrew Synonyms
  • Hebrew conjugated Verb Tables
  • For Windows 95 and higher.

Dagesh Internet Translator

Dagesh Internet Translator (software)

Amazing Technology! Translates most websites from English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English.


  • Option to split the screen and see the original site and the newly translated site.
  • Translates with one button click
  • Works to translate most websites
  • For Windows 95 and higher.

Read Hebrew

Instant Hebrew

Instant Hebrew (software)

Learn To Read Hebrew In 120 Minutes From Now - Guaranteed!


  • Learn The Letters! Identify Hebrew letters and words in just 120 minutes!
  • Learn To Read The Bible! Participate in Instant Hebrew's intensive Hebrew course and be able to read from the Bible right away!
  • Learn Online From Your Own Home! Sit in your own home or office and learn to read the ancient language of Israel.
  • Learn With Israel's Quickest Curriculum! You will be able to read Hebrew in 120 minutes. No one else can make that claim.

It's Time to Learn Alef Bet

Its Time to Learn Alef Bet (software - children)

Indispensable tool for learning the Hebrew alphabet, vowels, and proper pronunciation.


  • 12 Easy steps to Hebrew Reading
  • Teachers Training Mode
  • On line help
  • Interactive games

Aramaic Dictionaries


Word by Word Aramaic / English Dictionary

Word by Word Aramaic / English Dictionary (software)

A masterpiece! Word by Word Aramaic Dictionary translates Aramaic and Talmudic words to English and English words to Aramaic.


  • 166,895 words and definitions in Aramaic or English.
  • Shows multiple meanings of words
  • Displays the meaning of the word, its proper form and root, and example of the word used in context.
  • computerized form of the Jastrow Dictionary plus thousands of other words.

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