Site Review: Learning Hebrew Verbs

Learning Hebrew verb conjugations might be the hardest part of learning Hebrew — maybe even harder than building a large-enough vocabulary.

That is because each verb conjugation has 24 (!) things to learn. Plus there are 7 different “binyanim” or conjugation categories, and each of those has many subconjugations for various “irregular” verbs.

In fact when I teach I sometimes have a hard time thinking of a verb that follows the main conjugation and not one of the subconjugations. There are so many ways a verb can be “irregular” that I would say that 50% or more of the verbs are “irregular” in one way or another. Yikes!

My vast experience in making mistakes when conjugating verbs has proven to me that one doesn’t have to get it exactly right, just close enough to be understood.

But when you want to get it RIGHT, you really need to have the conjugation table of every verb you might need to use.

Surprisingly, the Internet is quite bereft of Hebrew verb conjugations. Or maybe it is not surprising, as it must be a real pain in the neck to create all those verb tables and get them right!

Fortunately there is a site that can help you:

This site has 350 verb conjugations for free and that is probably just about all the verbs you are going to need. But there is also a Pro version (for one-time fee of about $80) with 1000 verbs, plus audio and quizes to.

This is a great resource for learning Hebrew. Check it out:

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