Hebrew Prayer for Relief from the COVID-19 Coronavirus: audio/video

Below is a shortened version of a prayer by Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef, the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel, read by an Israeli in Modern Hebrew:

Click here for a number of downloadable and printable PDF versions of the prayer, including an English translation and transliteration (the Hebrew written with English letters).

English Translation:

(The translation is smoothed somewhat to sound better in English.)

Please, our merciful and gracious God, let this be a time of mercy and good will before you. Show grace, compassion and mercy to all of us: men, women, and children. Save us from bad affliction, and in particular from the coronavirus which is spreading throughout the world, and which has felled many, and many tens of thousands have become ill and infected with it.

Save us, have mercy on us, and rescue us, because it is your way to do gratuitous kindness in every single generation.

Master of the universe, bring recovery and healing for all our diseases, sufferings and injuries, and send a cure for this disease. Rescue the entire world from every pestilence and plague, and in particular from the coronavirus.

And receive our prayer with mercy and good will.


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